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Final Fantasy VII Save Files

This section will have Save files for FF7 PC (I can't put a memory cartrige online, sorry PSX users! Allow me to corret myself: I don't have any DexDrive files. :( Send 'em if you want!). I've actually had another for a while, but I forgot about it. It's up, now. Please send in your saves (zipped, please) to with ATTN:FF7 SAVE FILES as the subject line, and I'll get the file up on the page ASAP! Thanks!

FileSent in byDescription
save09.zipSky RenderA hacked save in the North Cave with 9 of all master materia and 9 Mega-All materia.
FF7SaveGame.zipJason Wang5 saved games in 1! All are very interesting to play.
save06.zipSky RenderThis is a save in the Debug Room, with the Masamune equipped on Claude.

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